Friday, 2 December 2011

.what goes around, comes around.

I feel good, I just feel good!
I know, it's weird but I just can't deny the way I'm feeling right now!
I don't know, I'd a surprise this week (it was not exactly a surprise, i just felt surprised!) about an especific "thing" that makes me upset all the time,
for a long period and I thought that it would be better by the time but it wont, know this feeling makes me better.
I know, there's no reason to feel like this, it was just a stupid word that means nothing at all or i might understood into a wrong way, but...NO!
You know when you feel something like "that's it?!??" you cannot be wrong, not this time?! or if it's not it will be something similar probably.
That's silly, stupid, I know, it's like start again in a plain page, another chance to may start something again. I don't even asked to myself whathafuck I'm
feeling/acting like this, once again and again my head is full of a thousand reasons and possibilities and uncertain things. I just care, you know??? I really do,
and I always did, I think it was hided inside me because it use to be strong, I know, I didn't had a chance the make it different, someone choose it for me and I
just had to follow into that way...that narrow way, and didn't looked back because I knew that something "still going on"!
Why I'm still feeling jealousy?? why it means something to me?? why some actions makes me upset?? I don't know, I really don't ... anyway, it's here, quiet
inside, but I Know that's here!

And you know what's the worst thing?! somewhere, even deep inside, still having something but the proud would never let me hear the words i would like to.
Ridiculous, that's the way it is.

Whatever... like a friend use to say "you should sit and wait, because, look around you?!, everything is turning, the world is turning around so you just
have to wait, the life will charge it for you because what goes around, comes around".

Never mind, i'm just happy and this post seems the most weird ever!


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