Thursday, 26 January 2012


There's a long time since the last time i've been updating here, but the life started to get so busy, i mean, the work is busy right now that i don't even have time to do it, or when i had time enough im so wracked that i just want to sleep.
Anyway, since last year lots of things happened, ok, i had the worst new year and xmas ever, in this fucking place but i really think that  some things happens to make you grow, do you know what i mean?!! everything have a reason, so, if i had this problems now for sure will makes me learn something.
Live in a different place, in a different town, or better, a small town with 1800 habitants its making my life peculiar, its trying to prove my faith, my resistance, my patience and everything specially living with a tradicional family where the habits are totally differents and you are the strange so its my obligation to fit in their way of life, thats the problem!
Another year came and the best of lucky for us, i though that this trip would help me to clear my mind, but now, i just have more 5 weeks here and i seems more confused then i really come, i don't know why, it seems like step by step i got a brand new walk and something got a hold on me and dont let me think correct and clear about what i want.
I just know about one thing... one year passed by, and this new situation makes me grow more then i expected, all the places that i've been makes me learn a lot about everything between the different cultures, every single part of every single country that i've been its a special memory, all the friends all over the world have a special place in my memories as well and all of this together makes 2011 the best yearf of my life till now!
No matter what happend i'll always say thanks a million for everything, it might be bad situations or the best of, all of them deserve to be respected because they have the same value in life as any other thing, if something bad happend to me and makes me learn, i usually say thanks, what goes around comes around, so pma seems really important at this moment of my life, and i just have to say thanks for everything that ever happened to me here.
It's all about my personal memory lane now,

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