Wednesday, 16 November 2011

.I feel nothing.

Sometimes i think that i must do my post in English and today i'm feeling comfortable to do it as well. There's a long time since my last post but lots of things happened this time and i couldn't do it earlier.
First of all... i spent 9 days travelling so i could visit Scotland, France and Italy and it was amazing, i had  such a great time in my hosts house, of course like any trip you have some tragic story to tell, like sleep on the street in Paris, a psyco host in Edinburgh and an amazing host in Milan. We walked miles and miles while we're taking a look in everything.
Edinburgh it's a exceptional city, i never saw nothing like that before, it's the best place i ever been since i arrived in Europe.
Venice , what beautiful place, i would like to live in italy if i could.
Paris??! ok, the city is amazing but the people, they're arrogants, toffed nose and very impolite, anyway is a place that everyone should visit someday.
Thanks god my stomach guides my mind and we found vegan's restaurants everywhere and a cornetto vegan in italy ( the best part ever).

I don't have much to talk now, i need to get my mind back and start to think rationally again, im just seeking my home, my friends, my family and everything. Some future plans...usa..maybe, who knows?!
Somethings happened since then and i my mind started to think as fast as it could be healthy for me, and i've try to look forward to see if it something may be true or if it were just things from my mind, something that gives me hope or it might be nothing at all.
I just don't like how i'm feeling right now.

whatever...I feel nothing!

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