Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I realized that Dag Nasty is almost 100% of my musical posts, this one couldn't be different!

Ghosts swirling all around you
now i don't know what to do
and i don't know how to feel inside
wish i could get off this ride.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

.Stella McCartney & PETA.

"Exposé of the lether industry" its an exclusive video created by Stella McCartney and PETA for the second largest fashion event in North America, Toronto Fashion Week.

"The video, which will play on a constant loop at the tents in David Pecaut Square, details animal cruelty methods used around the world in order to obtain skins and furs for the fashion industry. McCartney’s calm but empathetic British lilt plays over gruesome images of animal being tortured, pleading with fashion lovers to choose animal-free fabrics.McCartney herself is one of the few major designers in the industry who uses no animal products in her apparel and accessories.
In addition to the video, PETA reps will also be hanging around outside the tents, handing out pamphlets featuring Penelope Cruz‘s smoldering eyes next to the slogan “Give Fur the Cold Shoulder”.

This is only 1% of the things that makes me think twice about being part of all this fashion shit, but we need more and more people like Stella McCartney to prove that, yes, its possible to do it respecting the animal rights, as the same way that its possible to do EVERYTHING respecting it.

Monday, 12 March 2012


To be back home it's not that fun that i thought it would be, hopefully i wasn´t unhappy with my decision but certainly i wasn´t happy as well, two minds, thats the word, at the same time that i wish i could stay i wish i could go, and when i finally reach out the airport it was like i've never been here, everything seems really strange, i know i've changed too much since last year but it´s not that same place.
It might be the wrong decision for now but like everything we have to try and pay the price to see what´s going on.
I really don´t feel like staying here, i just feel like leaving, even better, like holidays that i don't really need to stay here, Brazil it's fucking awsome in many ways, family, almost all my friends are over here and it suppose to makes me happy, i really missed them all of this time when i was in Dublin but their still my friends and no matter where, when, how they'll always be my friends or family.
anyway, im back and missing dublin too fucking much, but im back and i have to try to acept that, like it or not its here that i have to stay for now, whenever suits to me i can move but ill really try hard to make it work here.
It was a good year, the best off til now, so many things happened, i meet amazing people from abroad and even from brazil that were living the same experience as i and this nobody can take off me, the best year ever, the best places i ever could go, the best friends, partys, gigs, the best vegan gourmet trip and the best way to learn how to live, seriously, i've been passing through differents situations most of then tuff ones and believe me, im now another person, a better one for sure!

glad to be here, unfortunatelly its summer and im melting, wish i could be somewhere else but those are the plans for the next few months....

PS: Piracicaba still the best fucking place ever . and if you really wanna know if im ok, YES, IM PRETTY GOOD, THANKS A MILLION FOR ASK MY FRIENDS ^^