Tuesday, 13 March 2012

.Stella McCartney & PETA.

"Exposé of the lether industry" its an exclusive video created by Stella McCartney and PETA for the second largest fashion event in North America, Toronto Fashion Week.

"The video, which will play on a constant loop at the tents in David Pecaut Square, details animal cruelty methods used around the world in order to obtain skins and furs for the fashion industry. McCartney’s calm but empathetic British lilt plays over gruesome images of animal being tortured, pleading with fashion lovers to choose animal-free fabrics.McCartney herself is one of the few major designers in the industry who uses no animal products in her apparel and accessories.
In addition to the video, PETA reps will also be hanging around outside the tents, handing out pamphlets featuring Penelope Cruz‘s smoldering eyes next to the slogan “Give Fur the Cold Shoulder”.

This is only 1% of the things that makes me think twice about being part of all this fashion shit, but we need more and more people like Stella McCartney to prove that, yes, its possible to do it respecting the animal rights, as the same way that its possible to do EVERYTHING respecting it.

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